Parenthesis: The importance of creating memories with your children

Shramana Biswas
23 days ago
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Creating memories with children

Source: Indian Express


If you were to shut your eyes and forged your mind back to your childhood and think about what created you cheerfully, what would you remember? The smell from the kitchen as your mother created your favourite food, the joy in running around with the neighbourhood children, going for a Sunday treat together with your father, or going on picnics on public holidays. On our birthdays, we tend to remember the games we liked to play or the buddies we used to play with.

Memories become more precious to us because we loved the feelings and emotions that were associated with them. You will be able to remember fun times like outings, vacations, picnics, games and so on. These memories are always treasured by people later in life. Hence it is necessary to make good memories with children to help them look back and appreciate their childhood. When you make good memories with your children you are also creating a stronger bond with them. A bond that will be unbreakable. 

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Take your children on holidays and outings. Go out and gather experiences together.  Experiences are also important for everyone. It develops temperament as we have a tendency to explore new cultures and cuisines. Adventures also help in improving character and making people more responsible.

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