Nurturing a Child’s Curiosity

Riya Sree Kaishyap
a month ago
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Source: Times of India

Curiosity in a child is an everlasting trait. Curiosity is what keeps them engaged and attentive. Most of the time, it is only owing to their curiosity that they take to learning new things. It is what seeks them to explore and unwind. Hence, it becomes very important to nurture a child’s curiosity. Here’s how you can do so. 

  • Introduce them to new experiences. Introduce them to new things, new books, new facts, new music, new places and even new movies.
  • Let your kids ask questions. Don’t dismiss their questions as unimportant. Let them know that they can always keep asking you questions.
  • Always be prepared to answer the questions thrown at you by your child, no matter how weird. Try to resolve their confusions and give them a clearer perspective.
  • Ask your kids open-ended questions like “How was your day?” or “What are you thinking of?” This will improve their thinking abilities and make them more spontaneous.
  • Always listen to what your kid has to say. Sure, they might ramble about some imaginary world, but be sure to listen to them at all times and about all things.
  • While in a conversation with your child, do not cut them in the middle. Do not take over in conversations, but let the children take the lead.

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