Nursery Admissions Begin: Online Forms Are Getting Preference

6 months ago
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The admission process has begun on Friday and around 1700 schools have opened registrations into classes nursery, KG and 1.

In this digital era, schools are not behind. Most of them are offering options for filling the form online. Ezyschooling has been playing a key role in the whole process. It has collaborated over a hundred schools and still counting. Parents are happy about the facility of applying to multiple schools by filling just one form. Not only this, CEO and Founder, Admission Expert: Mr. Mayank Jain is very active socially to answer different queries put up by parents. Addition to this, company’s helpline number is helping a lot of parents with their queries on filling the form and general admission both.

Parents still have a month to fill the forms as the last day for submission is 27th of December, but many schools have nearly received half the applications they received last year, on the first day only. Schools that don’t have a website or online application facility have collaborated with Ezyschooling and are receiving online forms as well. Applicants are allotted points according to different criteria set by DoE; Neighbourhood criterion has the highest preference.