No Annual, Other Fee To Be Charged Till School Remains Closed

9 days ago
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Source: Hindustan Times

Jharkhand School Education and Literacy Department has issued a letter to all the private unaided schools in the state requesting not to charge fees for transportation and any other type of fees from parents till the schools are closed.

Jharkhand education department has also stated that there will be no hike in school fees for academic session 2020-21.

This will not cause any interference in the accessibility of online classes to students and learning shall be continued in the digital way until the schools reopen. Parents have earlier protested against the reopening of schools and supported online learning.

At any cost, no late payment charges will be taken, no salary deduction or non-payment of teachers and employees at schools.

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School management will not pressurize parents for fees. Failing to adhere to all these instructions will invite stringent action, even affiliation NOC may cancel.