New reports find students struggling in Class 9

Jaladhi Sonagara
6 days ago
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Source: Indian Express


On the first day of the Delhi government’s international conference on education, ‘School Education Reforms in Delhi 2015-2020’, a report was published about the struggles of high school students. Due to the ‘no-detention policy’, students until class eight can't be held back in a class regardless of not securing pass marks in examinations. However, passing class nine could be an obstacle in the academic journey of students.

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Delhi schools have seen a constant decline in pass percentages of students in the 9th standard. Despite copious efforts and revamping of syllabus patterns, the pass percentage continue in the 58% which is extremely distressing for the authorities. The report calls for special attention towards these classes to ensure a 100% pass percentage in the future.

The reports however were had positive findings on the reforms and changes that the Delhi government has brought about in the last few years. The report finds the results of those changes quite favourable.

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