New Education Policy(NEP 2020) Approved

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12 days ago
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Source: Times of India

The draft National Education Policy (NEP 2020) was presented and successfully approved in the Union Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. It permits global universities to develop campuses in the country and has a goal of completely transforming the present education system. As per the approval of the Cabinet, the HRD will now be known as the Education Ministry. The policy has a goal of attaining 50% and 100% GER (gross enrolment ratio) in higher and school education in the upcoming ten years. It also aims to expand Government investment in education up to 20% by 2030.

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The new policy has a pedagogical layout of 5+3+3+4 system for 3-18 age, which is actually a shift from the former 10+2 system. It also revises the curriculum. Additionally, the concentration would be on Class I to III mathematics and language. The NEP also announces that up to Class 5, the medium of instructions by the teaching staff should compulsively be in the local language or mother tongue. This decision may promote multilingualism as a Classroom resource.

It also proposed that coding should be taught from Class 6 onwards. The NEP further suggests that every state/district will be convinced to build Bal Bhavans for children from all age groups who can go once a week or maybe more to participate in art and craft, play-related and career-related activities and programmes. 

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