Mumbai Sees Protests Against Ban On Online Classes

13 days ago
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Source: The Indian Express

Parents group on Sunday protested against a fee hike by a national school chain that runs six schools in Mumbai. Another group also raged ‘online protest’ against the ban on online classes for pre-primary and primary students.

Numerous parents of Vibgyor International initiated an online protest on Zoom against the school management for refusing to roll back the fee hike. Over 400 parents have signed a letter on the issue and sent it to the management. Parents have alleged that the school management has not responded to the emails by the Executive Parents Teachers Association regarding holding discussions on the possibility of lowering fees.

Recently, the school sent a circular to parents, which said that books for new academic year can be collected only after showing fee receipts. It’s a way of saying that if you don’t pay fees, your child won’t get basic books.