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Okay, it is that time of the show jab mai akela nhi hota hun, mere saath ek bohot hi khas insaan hote hain. Aaj hain Mayank Jain from Delhi, ek Delhi based startup run kar rae hai Mayank, which is called Ezyschooling. E Z Y hai Ezy na naam. Ezyschooling which is actually doing something very, very important. It is simplifying school admission for the parents. How they are doing it? Ye sab khud Mayank bataynge. (Advertisement)


Mirchi Love sun rae hai ap, mera naam Gautam hai, power hour mai Mayank is waqt mere sath phone line par hai

Ok! Mayank welcome to Mirchi Love


Hi! Thank you!


Hi! It’s a pleasure having you Mayank.We have read yourstory on the internet, you are running a Delhi based start-up which is called Ezyschooling. The spelling is E Z Yand that is the spelling of Ezy. And Ezyschooling is actually simplifying school admission for parents, I know how much of a hassle it is for parents during a certain time for their kid`s admission. So first of all, what was the thought behind this? And how exactly are you doing this?


So, the thought behind this was, like in Delhi, a parent on an average applies to around 10 to 12 schools and even after applying in 10 to 12 schools, most of them don’t get admission in their preferred school, plus sometime they do not get admission in a single school.




Ok! So, the thought behind this was to make the life of a parent easier because if you consider education, it a very important aspect for a kid. So, they can’t just take admission in any school




So, the thought behind this was to create a platform at which they can get at which they can get research information about each and every school of at least Delhi and then they can apply for a multiple school through a single form. So, we have created a single form which is accepted by 135 schools that have been collaborated with us.


Ohh! Acha!


A parent can fill a single form and can apply in multiple schools through this form only and around 15,000 parents have used our services till now.


This is quite superb yaar yani ap ek form se ap bahot sare school mai aap apply kar sakte ho, which reduces quite a lot of work. Khair, Mirchi Love sun rae hain ap! Mayank se kuch aur batein about this and much more in just a bit. Coming right back.


Mayank mere sath phone line per hai, who is running a Delhi based start-up which is called Ezyschooling, which is doing a superb thing yaar, mai bohot pareshan ho jata hu khud un parents ke sath jo ki ghanto line mai lagte hain for their kids admission. So, Ezyschooling is actually simplifying school admission for parents. (Admission)


Yani ki matalb, har school pe jake, unse download karke, ya in person ja kar form lekar apply karne ki jarurat nahi hai. One form will do for these many schools.


Yes! Yes!


I think this is fantastic yaar. So obliviously you would have faced a lot of challenges in tying up with those 130 odd schools. Right? So, what were the challenges?


So, the challenges were like, why a school will collaborate for parents, like what’s the benefit for them?


Correct! Absolutely right!


So the benefit we showed them is like, your offline, like your manual work will also be reduced, you don’t have to manage them offline or in hard copy and stuff. Plus we also help them increase, if you are on a common platform than obviously, the number of forms in a school will increase and then we can help them market that.


Right! Correct!


If you consider Swiggy and Zomato model, its restaurant is listed over there and similarly we can list schools, then we can help schools in marketing at your platform where a lot of parents are visiting.




So these were some the advantages we showed them and now to sustain that business, see admission is a seasonal thing in Delhi. So, to sustain them we also came up with different solutions for parenting. We have expanded our services into parenting, news, events and shop. In parenting also, we are helping parents not only in education but also in other aspects of parenting like body, mind, society and family.


WOW! This is quite amazing, khair Mayank se khuch aur bate in just a bit, coming right back. Mirchi Love sun rae hai ap.


 Ek teer se bhoot sare nishane mar rae hai, Mayank who is running a Delhi based start-up which is called Ezyschooling, which is actually simplifying school admissions for parents. Yeani k eek single form jo hai, bohot sare schools mai apply karne ke lie use ho sakta hai, that’s what Mayank and his team is doing (Advertisement)


So tell me something, this is right now only Delhi based? Or are you planning to extent it to other cities? Because even other cities face the same problem


So we analyse, like we alsopiloted in Lucknow in the beginning of this year, but in Lucknow the scenario is quite different. In Lucknow you don’t have to face so many problems in getting admission. There are top 10-15 schools, after that you don`t have to face a lot of problem in admission, one thing is this but the cities which are Tier 1, like if you compare Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur, these kind of cities face problem similar to Delhi. So, I think common portal is another part but researched information about each and every school which you can provide to parents and insights, like how is the school value for money and extra circular, co-curricular, these are various important things which you need to provide to the parents and which also adds up a lot of value.


Absolutely right! For that, I think an online portal can work pan India, I mean where ever you are a portal can work anywhere every well right? Be it Lucknow, Pune or Jaipur, wherever you are, it’s scalable and it can sustain for long time as well. I think it’s a fantastic effort Mayank. Thank you so much for sparing some time and talking to us and I am sure this will go a very long way in helping out parents who are stressed out. All the best for this and much more in life.


Thank you!! Thanks a lot!


Ok ab mere jane ka time hogya hai! Kyuki time hogya hai for Dabur Amala What Women Want, Kareena Kapor Khan ke sath hongi, Sara Ali Khan mere show ke turant bad, sunna mat bhuliye! aur ek aur cheez ka reminder, iz Valentine’s Day apne khahaniyo ke pal se ap likho stories of love aj kal, jaisa ki mai bolta araha hu ki you can get a grand chance to listen to your own love story live on Mirchi Love right here. Theek hai? aur sirf utna hi nahi hai, Sara Ali Khan, Kartik Aryan and Imtiyaaz Ali will choose the best story and the winner will get a super duper prize from Mirchi Love. Kha pe bhejenge apni story - 8879999143 par chalta hu, take care, have a wonderful day.


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