Milk and Biscuit Syndrome Among Kids

Jyoti Singh
21 days ago
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Milk and Biscuit Syndrome

Milk and Biscuit Syndrome or how the doctors describe it ‘Milk and Biscuit Disease’ is common yet unnoticed in kids. It is frequent in kids who consume a lot of sugar and processed fats which results in high acidic content in their stomach. This practice of unhealthy diet, especially late at night, results in cough, running nose, sore throat, fatigue, and constipation.

Many factors contribute to your child suffering from the disease. Consumption of the following just before bedtime may lead to the disease:

1. Excessive consumption of soda
2. Processed juice
3. Milk and milk-based products like ice cream, yogurt, etc.
4. Sugary snacks like chocolates, cookies, etc.

Milk and Biscuit Disease is not officially recognized and not often discovered. However, many children have shown symptoms. There is no cure because it is not often talked about. Thus, medication is generally given for symptoms and not for the disease, and thus the sickness can't be fully cured.

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Kids don’t experience heartburn like adults. Instead, they experience congestion, cough, and running nose. Doctors generally mistake these symptoms for allergies. However, long-term exposure to such acidic reflux is an invitation to many health problems like asthma, dental problems, chronic cough, etc.

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