Meet The 90-year Old Gamer-grandma

9 days ago
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Source: The HIndustan Times

 We all have heard the phrase “learning has no age bar” and this 90-year old grandma just proved it right! Hamako Mori, 90-year old, said she started playing video games at the age of 51, and now has bagged the Guiness World Records title of being the oldest youtube gamer.

Initially she did not like video games as it seemed difficult to her but now she is known for her live streaming gaming prowess and she counts ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series among her favorites.

Reminiscing her past days she expressed that she started playing in 1981 and her initial games were miserable but she did not give up and continued to play. Mori also explained how after losing a game it feels really bad but doesn’t let that stop her from trying again.

As for her essential life lesson, she said that despite having its own difficulties, “life is rosy.”

Guinness World Records released a video of Mori, who is nicknamed gamer grandma, and it’s nothing short of inspirational. In the video, she details her journey as a gamer and also conveys an important lesson about life.

Check out the video here