Madhya Pradesh to build Covid-19 Isolation Center at Justice Tankha Memorial Special School

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Madhya Pradesh To Build Covid-19 Isolation Centre At Justice Tankha Memorial Special School

Source: NDTV Education

Madhya Pradesh has decided to build a Covid-19 hospital at its Justice Tankha Memorial Special School to incorporate the rising number of infected patients. The Covid-19 isolation hospital will have 40 beds which will admit the infected patients beyond the scope of home isolation.

The Collector of Mandla district in the state Harsha Singh has issued the notification about the new Covid-19 isolation center.

She said that “In view of the COVID-19 infection in the district, now Covid-19 isolation hospital will be set up at Tankha Memorial School for Children. This Covid-19 isolation hospital will be of 40 beds”.

She also informed about specialized facilities to be made available for infected children below 18 years.

“Necessary arrangements will be ensured for the children in the isolation ward. Arrangements will also be made for children's entertainment and their psychological support. The collector informed that the hospital being constructed for children will start soon”, she added.

The beds will be placed inside two separate halls. The patients will be provided with food and medicines.

Further, the health department will also appoint nurses and ward boys to assist the patients. A medical team will be formed under the supervision of Dr. Vijay Dhurya.

The hospital will also incorporate a sitting area for the attendants.

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