Kushinagar District In UP The First One To Open A Transgender School

6 months ago
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The first school for transgenders will be set up in Kushinagar a district in UP. It is an initiative by the Akhil Bhartiya Kinnar Shiksha Sewa Trust, the school will help bring the third gender in the social and cultural mainstream.

"There should be more initiatives to bring the third gender into the social mainstream. Transgenders are a part of society and have the right to lead a normal life like all of us. They should also enter into the political mainstream. Education will empower them and open new avenues in life for them," said (BJP) MP Ramapati Ram Tripathi.

The Zila panchayat’s chairman said that those who already have basic education for them they plan to start a professional course as well. 

This initiative will bring a change in the life of transgenders who remain largely marginalized.