‘Kindness walls’ to be set up at 300 Delhi government schools

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Sahej Verma
a year ago
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‘Kindness walls’ to be set up at 300 Delhi government schools

Amidst a harsh winter and a fresh Covid wave, 300 government schools have been selected under a pilot project to encourage ‘Good Samaritan’ behaviour by setting up ‘Kindness Walls’. The initiative, to “promote the spirit of anonymous giving” and “set up a model in this regard” for students, is to support people who wish to make donations in kind and need help reaching those who might need it.The ‘Kindness Wall’ is to be a portion of the outer face of the boundary wall of the selected government school, marked with a large red poster saying that it is a ‘Neki Ki Deewar’. Multiple hooks are to be attached to the wall, where people willing to donate any item – clothes, food, shoes – can hang it up. “Those in need” may pick them up from the wall at any time. Schools have been told that this should be “promoted as an anonymous giving and receiving initiative where the dignity of the receiver is upheld all the time”.


According to an education department official, the central position of public schools in community life as well as in relief work during the pandemic made them ideal for this initiative.“It is basically to encourage good samaritans to donate anything that they have in excess to those who might need it. We chose school walls as a school is usually the most prominent building in the neighbourhood and is accessible to everyone. Schools have also served many functions – as food distribution centres, vaccination centres, shelter homes – which is also why we think they are the ideal place,” said the official.The selected schools, with boundary walls facing roads or main streets, are to set up the designated portion of the wall at a place easily accessible to the public, who are willing to take part in the activity without disturbing the school’s functioning. 


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