Keeping kids safe from the dark side of the web

Mayank Jain
12 days ago
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Keeping kids safe from the dark side of the web

Source: The Indian Express

Social media has now become an integral part of everyone's lives to the extent that it is considered the fastest medium to communicate in a social group, make friends, and know about the whereabouts of one’s peers. Within no time, social media has influenced children, too. In the last five years, the use and impact of social media on children’s lives have exploded to the extent that the term ‘social media addiction’ has reached every household, and parents are reaching out to mental health professionals for help.

The parents reported that their children continuously play mobile games to the extent that they neglected their studies due to which they would get physically aggressive when the mobile was taken away from them. Living in a densely-populated residential area, the parents would feel awkward to regulate their children as they would shout and make a scene. They would neglect food while getting engrossed in mobile games. 

The parents should be encouraging their children to play with their friends or ask for help but they would refuse. In the event of a complete battery drain, he would become restless and pester his mother to buy a second phone. Social media is indispensable in current times. As an adult, one expects self-regulation. For children, parents need to focus on balancing acts of usage in terms of quantity as well as quality.

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