Does your Kid Have Superpowers?

Harshika Agrawal
6 months ago
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Every child dreams of having superpowers in life. Whether it is Superman or Harry Potter, the desire to possess similar powers fuels the imagination of children. But it is not possible in real life to hold such powers. However adults can surely improvise things to make kids believe that they do possess super powers.

Posted on Reddit, a video of a little boy playing is a genius example of improvisation. The clip starts with the kid spinning around on the ground and then motioning at the leaves of a tree. The jubilant kid runs around with utmost happiness after probably discovering his hidden powers of moving leaves on a tree. However, a few seconds into the clip the actual reason behind the boy’s ‘superpowers’ are revealed. A man can be seen sitting on a swing attached to the tree and as the boy motions towards the leaves he shakes the swing that results in the movement of the leaves.

Check out the video:


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