Kendriya Vidyalayas Register an Increased Attendance in Offline Classes

Riya Sree Kaishyap
19 days ago
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Source: The Indian Express

After the reopening of the schools in phases, the Kendriya Vidyalas are currently experiencing a surge in the attendance of students attending offline classes. The attendance of students is higher in the board year students.

As per the reports gathered by the Department of Education, there has been an estimated increase of 42% students in Class 9, 65% in Class 10, 48% in Class 11 and 67% in Class 12. “These figures are dynamic and trends indicate consistent increase every day,” the Ministry Report added. Following this report, the attendance of students is much more satisfactory in the students of Classes 10 and 12 as they are going to sit for their Boards in a few months. 

However, the students who have not able to attend the offline class aren’t suffering at all. They are being provided with the right resources and are also continuing with online classes to remain on track with their classmates.

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