Is Just Syllabus Reduction Sufficient In Bringing Education Back To Normal?

13 days ago
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Source: Times of India 

Syllabus reduction is a significant decision taken by educational departments, with the rationale of reducing the pressure of learners and teachers amid this crisis. But, is it actually enough? Some educators have shared their opinions on schools reopening and steps that are required to assure that students can finish the academic year of 2020-21 in time.

Preetha V Bhatt, a teacher of Bengaluru says that, After school reopening, extra classes may be needed for syllabus completion.

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Satyabrata Minaketan, Principal of ODM Public School, Bhuwneshwar said "We are not assured that Schools will resume in September or not." She further said "We need to follow the regular schedule online as would have happened in schools with classes and assessments. Schools will have to invest in technology to hold annual assessments online to ensure that the learner does not suffer due to the disruption."

Alka Kapur, Principal Modern Public School, New Delhi explained "Health and safety should be the first priority and we, as school authorities, will need to arrange an infrastructure that can facilitate the smooth functioning, post-lockdown. The purpose behind reducing the syllabus is to compensate for the loss of education that students in the underprivileged areas have suffered and to ensure that they do not feel unnecessarily stressed and anxious."

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