Is it a normal cough or COVID-19 in your kid?

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17 days ago
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Source: Times of India

It isn't strange to feel anxious when you find your child coughing or having a runny nose. As the major symptoms of COVID-19 include these two signs. Therefore, finding out if it's just a regular cough and cold or a sign of COVID, becomes necessary.

How parents can know?
Pay attention to any unusual symptom that seems to match with major symptoms of COVID such as, loss of taste and smell.
However, if your child usually gets cold and cough in this time of the month then, there might be nothing to worry about.

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As we know, COVID spreads with contact. Therefore, if you think that your kid has come in contact with COVID patient or had got it in some way, then you must take him to the doctor for a test. As we can't take any chance in this pandemic situation.

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