Identifying and Developing Special Talents in Children

Pratham Suwal
a month ago
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Identifying and Developing Special Talents

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Teaching basic skills and subject matter can be abundantly satisfying if done creatively and successfully. But finding and nurturing special talents in the youth, and seeing those students and their talents blossom are tremendously satisfying.


Talent-oriented education builds a strong sense of self-efficacy, effective goal setting, and a personal commitment that can enhance students' specific achievements and lead them to higher-level career accomplishments. The major goal should be to tailor learning arrangements, curriculums, materials, resources, and activities as much as possible, to individual students. 


Teachers and counselors at all grade levels and in all areas must do a better job of identifying and developing the talents of students with average and low potential, as well as those with very high potential. All students deserve instruction and learning opportunities at a level and pace that are appropriate for their current development and talents.


Mount Olympus School doesn’t just offer a top-notch education but it also helps students in identifying their hidden talents.


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