How you can manage the anger of your kid

6 days ago
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Anger, a feeling that none of us likes. Yet, we get angry about so many things. Similarly, do kids. However, parents can always manage the anger of their kids. But first, remember anger is a normal emotion.

  1. Never respond to your kid's anger with outbursts of your own.
  2. Listen carefully to the feelings of your kids. Try to know why they are angry.
  3. Think about what can be the anger triggers – needs not met or feelings not heard.
  4. Know the signs of growing anger – sweaty palms, heart beating fast, clenching teeth, stomach-ache.
  5. Develop a habit of expressing in your kids.
  6. Teach your children ways to calm down – counting to ten, blowing bubbles, taking deep breaths.

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Further, kids learn from you only. So, don't show your anger in ways that lead them to imitate your bad behaviour. Moreover, every good work takes some time, so be patient. Nonetheless, our brain starts working when we are angry. Therefore, talking during this movement may lead to bad results. However, waiting for the time when they are calm and not in anger, can help out in such a situation.

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