How to talk to your daughter about periods

Jaladhi Sonagara
2 months ago
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Period talk with daughters

Source: Times Of India

The first step was to gift her a children’s book regarding body changes. The book caught her fancy and he or she started flipping through, one-two pages daily. And simply yesterday she asked if I actually have periods! "Mumma, you get your periods?"  She then checked out me with surprise, "Mumma, you recognize typically there's a bit of blood too. I'm frightened, I hope I don’t get my periods ever!" I side, "You can get your amount as a result of that’s a natural cycle that each female goes through." 

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If you're feeling your female offspring is prepared for the spoken communication, here are a few data you'll use:

Tell her it'll happen each month and at the start, they're going to be lightweight. The blood is also red or dark brown in colour and he or she can need to modification her hygienical pads each 4-5 hours.

If she is higher than the age of thirteen and distressed she is going to be caught in it once she least expects it, prepare an amount pouch for her with a contemporary set of underclothing and hygienical pads. 

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