How To Make Your Child Express Their Feelings

3 months ago
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Source: The Times of India

As a parent, it is important to understand that every kid has their own individual ways of conveying their feelings and emotions. It will be helpful if you plan out interactions that help your child grow her cognitive and social skills. Mothers play a significant role in their kids' life developing human values and responsibilities.

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Children experience complex feelings i.e., fear and anxiety just like adults. They experience frustration, nervousness, sadness, jealousy, anger, embarrassment. However, they don't have the vocabulary to express themselves. Yet, they can express it through their body language. 

Some tips to deal with the same:
1.    Observe your child's behaviour and if you find something wrong, then communicate with them.
2.    Help your child name their feelings.
3.    You can show your child how you feel about different situations and how you deal with them.
4.    Praise your child when they express themselves.
5.    Get engaged with your kids during free time or playtime.

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