How To Know If Your Teenage Girl Is In Depression?

Kajori Biswas
2 months ago
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Source: Times of India

Depression is one of the most concerning mental disorders and if left untreated then, it can be the 3rd leading cause of death. But, do you know that the average age when depression begins is 14 years and by the time the teen years end, 20% tend to have clinical depression. Further, the more concerning fact is that teenage girls are more likely to get depression.

Possible causes that can lead to depression: 
• Any early childhood trauma be it physical or mental can lead them to depression. 
• A teenage girl who is obese or overweight and has irregular menstrual cycles can have PCOD which is caused by hormonal disbalance and can lead to depression because of negative thoughts about their body.
• Past history of depression.

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Signs of Depression: 
Persistent sadness, irritability, excessive crying, cranky mood, loss of interest in activities and social interactions which were their favourite once, change in appetite and sleep, weight gain or loss, trouble in relationships, low self-esteem, sensitivity towards rejection, giving away favourite belongings and so on.

If any of these signs are there for more than 2 weeks in your girl who is in her teenage then, seek clinical consultation as soon as possible. Further, make them realise that you are here to love and support her no matter what happens. After all, a little love is all that one needs.

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