How To Introduce Books To Toddlers

Jyoti Singh
13 days ago
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Introducing Books To Toddlers

The best thing about sharing books with children is the fun associated with it. Positive interaction with books will motivate a child to read and seek out new books. This will prove to be critical in the overall growth of your child.

So here are the steps that you should follow while introducing books to your toddler:

1.    Begin by spending a few minutes at a time. Young kids can stay for a story only for a few minutes. Don’t force them to stay longer. As they’ll grow, they will gradually develop the habit of reading for long hours.

2.    Read or sing the pictures to your child. Your child will find it interesting. When he’s older ask him to read them for you.

3.    Show them the cover page and the words. The cover page of books for kids is pretty and attractive. Explain it to your child. Let him guess what the story is about sometimes. Also, run your finger along with sentences while reading. This will help your child identify words.

4.    Create voices for different characters to make them come alive.

5.    Ask him questions and let him ask too. If your child is questioning, it means that he’s taking an interest in the story. Have a conversation with him. Try to know his opinion. Discuss activities that are related to or similar to the story.

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6.    Lastly, what is the best time to read a story to your child? It could be mealtime, or nap time, or bath or bedtime. Any time is fine as long as you have his attention. 

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