How to identify early symptoms of premature birth

Rishabh Negi
a month ago
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Pre-term babies grow at a slower pace than the full -term babies. There are high risks involved during a premature birth.


During the pregnancy, if you go into labor weeks before the due date of the delivery, then it’s premature labor, which can result in early or premature birth. Delightfully, medications are available to help the premature deliveries. When the baby grew inside the womb till the due date, he receives all the nourishment which requires for the growth and development of the newborn. With this, the chances of any problems after birth reduces.



There are certain things that can hamper the comfortable delivery and the birth of the baby, some are due to the mother and some are due to the surroundings.


-Weight concern, if the mother is overweight or underweight.
- Lack of care during the prenatal period.
- Past history of the family of having pre-natal births and deliveries.
- If the woman has multiple deliveries or twins.
- Smoking during the prenatal period.
- Birth defects on the baby.
- Developing pregnancy just after delivery. 


For avoiding the premature birth of your baby, you need to be concerned and aware of the early symptoms of premature labor. If these symptoms are known then a huge difference can be made.

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