How to help your firstborn adjust with the little one

Shramana Biswas
2 months ago
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Source: Times Of India

Sibling relationships can be both previous and difficult. It is one unique bond that siblings share with each other. However, sharing does not come naturally to children. And once a new baby is vying for your attention, it may be tough for the firstborn.

Here are some problems that can cause trouble:-

Older siblings will expertise jealousy towards the new baby. While the sibling relationship is precious, adjusting will take its own time.

Take care of the new baby along with your firstborn. A good approach to fester the bond is by permitting kids to touch their new brother/sister, hold them, or watch them. This helps to develop a better bond.

Give them an important 'sister/brother' responsibility. Firstborns will usually feel neglected once a new baby arrives. Sharing responsibilities with them will help them feel connected to the new baby.

Dedicate special time for firstborn so that they don't feel isolated or neglected.

Encourage them to form a present or album for or their relation. Kids are excited and inquisitive about their new sibling! Attempt to channel this positive energy by creating them to do a fun project for the baby. 

Educate them about sibling relationships. As you are attempting to nurture their bond, additionally educate them about the importance of healthy sibling relationships.

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