How to help your child deal with negative body image?

19 days ago
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Body image is what your child thinks about their body, looks, and appearance. If we add "negative" to it then, it's certainly clear that they think something undesirable about their body.

Fortunately, parents can always help their children in dealing with it.

  • Talk to them and try to know what's the actual issue. Why don't they love their body? What is it that makes them feel bad about their looks? It can be their weight, their overall looks, or maybe just the social media influence.  
  • Try to shift their focus from their body and appearance to qualities like, how caring and loving they are, and many such things.
  • Talk about what the media shows and how it influences young minds. Also, let them know that all of this is more or less commercial. There is a difference between reel and real life.
  • Healthy eating and physical exercise are things that should always be promoted in teenagers.
  • Also, never criticize the body image especially, in front of them. As it will make them feel low about them too. Remember, it's mostly their immediate environment contributing to their body image construction.

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