How To Help Kids Cope With Anxiety During COVID?

2 months ago
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Anxiety in COVID is natural and just like any other emotion. However, if it becomes overwhelming then it can invite some serious risks. Hence, there is a need to cope with anxiety in this unprecedented time so that it doesn't overwhelm your kid.

• Let them accept this emotion. Explain to them that it is quite ordinary just like happiness or anger. They don't need to be afraid of it or feel bad. 

• Direct their attention towards the things that calm or interest them. These feelings are with us only until we are thinking of them. 

• Practicing yoga and breathing techniques can actually help in coping with anxiety. It is really effective. 

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• Even if we can't meet our loved ones physically yet, we can meet them virtually. They are just a call away from us. So, why don't you connect yourself and your kid with them?

• Help them in developing some positive affirmations of their own. Affirmations that include gratitude, love, optimism and soundness.

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