How to deal with your kid's constant habit of complaining?

Nidhi Jain
23 days ago
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Kids complaining and whining

If your child complains about everything or whines regularly, help him to look on the positive side. If the child is focusing only on the negative, then he/she is more likely to have mental health or social problems in the future.

Sometimes kids go through some difficult feelings or physical discomfort and they complain because they want you to know about what they are dealing with. Analyzing a child's discomfort is enough to calm them down.

Ways to help them:

• Teach your children problem-solving skills so, they can understand that complaining won't fix it.
• Help them to create a more balanced view by pointing out the positive in any situation.
• Help him to focus on the things that are controllable and don't let him have the victim mentality.

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Only when you think that the constant complaining is a sign of something serious consult a professional.

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