How Scholarship Programs Can Help Students Attain Their Educational Dreams

~Krithika Nityanand
8 months ago
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For a country like India to progress, education and employment are the main growth factors. However, every year, the country evidently experiences higher dropout rates in schools. Precisely, every 1 out of 2 students who complete Class 12 drops out of higher education because their families can’t afford it due to lower income levels and lack of financial support. Scholarships are one of the most effective ways that can bring down the alarming drop-out rates of students in India. In fact, the state and central government have already launched numerous scholarship programs in recent years.

Modern scholarship platforms have many advantages over these programs such as directly identifiable beneficiaries, direct benefit transfer into the account of students, long term tracking of the performance of beneficiaries and flexibility to customize as per the strategic objectives of corporate.

Buddy4Study is one such platform, which is actively working with the same objective and delivering a wide range of technology-driven, transparent scholarship solutions to both scholarship providers and seekers.

India needs more such players that can make scholarship funding a hassle-free process for students. Doing so will help student masses pursue and complete higher education from their desired universities, seek the right jobs and secure their careers for a lifetime.

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