Homeschooling with inequality is far from new

Mayank Jain
a month ago
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Homeschooling with inequality is far from new

Source: The Conversation

In 2020, the pandemic has made homeschooling a fact of life. Persistent concern over homeschooling as a result of COVID-19 has been that it is causing new inequalities in children’s education. The closure of schools means children’s learning has relied increasingly on their family’s social and domestic circumstances.

The persistent educational inequalities are a feature of schools, too. The schools and homeschooling operate in close relation to each other. Families describe homeschooling as a better option for their children – but not the best option. 

Parents often struggle with limited access to resources and identify the best option as mainstream schooling that could meet their children’s educational needs. This brings it to the nub of the problems families facing in lockdown: many families have limited resources and COVID-19 has demonstrated that homeschooling does not exist in isolation.

It is too easy to view the inequalities that have materialized for homeschooled children now who had an unfortunate and unforeseen consequence of the pandemic.

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