Homeschooling- the best alternative, but usually done backward

Mayank Jain
6 days ago
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Homeschooling- the best alternative, but usually done backward

Source: BBN Times

Homeschooling provides superior learning when compared to traditional classroom teaching. Usually, when parents opt to use both learning methods, the homeschooling is done for the first six years and then children are sent to school. This is done because parents feel confident teaching children the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. 

However, they believe that children would do better in an established classroom system when the topics become more sophisticated and when they feel that their children need to develop social skills with their friends. Homeschooled children don’t have the opportunity to develop social skills because they don’t spend enough time with other children.

Within the homeschooling community, there are numerous opportunities provided for children to get together and do activities that are educational and social. In many school districts, some policies allow homeschooled children to enroll in some of the classes that schools offer. 

Parents are well equipped to teach some skills to their kids because of the very reason that they opt for homeschooling, to put effort into thinking of activities that mean youths learn sophisticated academic and practical skills far better than their formal schooled peers.

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