Homeschooling boomed last year

Mayank Jain
a month ago
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Homeschooling boomed last year

Source: The Conversation

Home education, sometimes called homeschooling, is when children are educated outside a formal institution like a school. Parents of home-educated children are wholly responsible for facilitating their child’s learning. More students have registered for home education due to the pandemic. But home education was actually on the rise well before Covid.

This number may underestimate how many students are being home educated. Some states and territories limit registration to the compulsory school ages , so they don’t count younger and older students.Homeschooling students varies so much between states and territories. 

It may be that a limited school in regional and remote areas of sparsely populated states may encourage home education. The availability of support for students with special needs and the ease of access to distance education schools may also play a role.

Students who may have a series of requirements are very complex that schools could meet. Flexibility might be a solution that may bridge the divide between schools and home education to best meet children’s needs.

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