Helping kids with dyslexia

Nidhi Jain
24 days ago
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Dyslexic child

Dyslexia is a very common disorder in India with over 10 million cases per year. Dyslexia refers to a  learning disorder, i.e. having trouble in learning.
    • Delay in talking or difficulty in learning new words or to read.
    • Speech impairment, difficulty in spelling, difficulty in reasoning and understanding.
    • Headache, making excuses and unwillingness to study
    • Family member with dyslexia or any other learning disability.
    • Premature birth.
    • Exposure to substance abuse like drugs, alcohol or any infection during pregnancy.
    • Varied brain functioning, that causes an inability in reading.

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    • Help them in learning and recognising words and sentences.
    • Read aloud in front of your kid to help him build fluency.
    • Help them with their school work and talk to the teachers about how they can help your child to succeed.
    • Get special help for them. There are special tutors available for dyslexic children who know how to deal with it better.

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