Google to open Startup Schools in Tier II and III cities across India

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7 months ago
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Google to open Startup Schools in Tier II and III cities across India

India has become the third largest country across the world when it comes to founding startups. Currently the country has more than 65,000 startups. Many of these have successfully obtained the unicorn classification and have launched IPOs. Earlier, big cities such as Mumbai, Delhi or Bengaluru were the hubs of all startups. This trend of startups has now spread across the relatively lower tier cities such as Jaipur, Gorakhpur, Indore, and more. In addition, these make up close to 50% of all currently recognised startups in the nation.

Recently, the tech giant Google has unveiled a program called Startup School India with the aim of helping 10,000 startups across tier II and tier III Indian cities. This initiative will utilize the wealth of expertise that India's successful startup community has to further educate budding startups. This announcement was made on a blog post by the popular tech company. 

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The initiative will include virtual events for nine weeks. It will include conversations with Google’s leaders and pioneers from across the startup ecosystem spanning fintech, D2C, B2B and B2C e-commerce, social media and networking, and other industries. 

The blog reported that the course will include informative sessions on diverse subjects such as ways to develop a successful strategy, understanding the utility that users can derive from different products, creation of roadmaps and PRDs, creating apps for markets like India and the world.

Google adds that discussions about what characterizes an effective founder, standardizing recruiting, and other topics will be held. This program will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to obtain new information and insights to become more efficient.

Source: Times of India

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