More girls than boys in Hindi and Urdu-medium schools in Delhi

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More girls than boys in Hindi and Urdu-medium schools in Delhi

Source: The Indian Express

More girls than boys are studying in Hindi- and Urdu-medium schools in Delhi while more boys are in English-medium schools, as per data in the 2019-2020 UDISE report.
The UDISE or the Unified District Information System for Education Plus report by the Union Ministry of Education contains information from more than 15 lakh schools, covering nearly 26.5 crore students, across the country.
It reveals that Delhi is one of the few states where a mainstream of students – 59.2% students from class I to class XII – are studying in organizations that claim to have English as the medium of instruction.
A closer look at the numbers shows differing patterns of distribution of boys and girls among mediums of teaching. The total number of boys and girls enrolled in schools in Delhi, according to the report, is 22,08,945 and 19,71,672, respectively.
But there are more girls studying in both Hindi and Urdu medium — 8,62,114 girls and 8,15,119 boys in the Hindi medium, and 14,543 girls and 12,242 boys in the Urdu medium.
On the other hand, there are 13,80,948 boys (62.5%) and 10,94,712 girls (55.5%) studying in the English medium. And while 36.9% of boys are studying in the Hindi medium, among the girls it is 43.7%.

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