GEMS Geniuses participated in the International Innovation Summit

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Mayank Jain
a year ago
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GEMS participate in IMAGIVATION Summit


With the rapid increase in this unforeseen digitalization, virtual media has benefitted all. Online events and summits have recently gained much momentum due to digitalization. They are extremely useful to learners who branch out and explore their interests and skills, those that want quite a grasp on their interest and want to grow.

At GEMS International School, they constantly effort to identify young talents and provide them with a unique and competitive platform where they can grow and nurture their talents.


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To resonate the same, GEMS Geniuses participated in the International Innovation Summit - IMAGIVATION Organized by Zenik Learning under the guidance of Ms. Swati Sohni, HOD Science. This event was designed to provide a global perspective to children and develop FUTURE-SKILLS like resilience, curiosity, imagination, intelligence and thinking skills. 


Nyisha Solanki of class IX has secured 3rd Global Rank in Innovation Olympiad and recognized as School topper, Group III in Impact Extempore event.

Bhavik of Grade VIII got recognized as School Topper, Group II in Innovation Olympiad. 

Satvik Sengupta of Grade IV got recognized as School Topper in Innovation suit event.

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