GEMS International School Celebrates India's Rich Heritage

Mayank Jain
13 days ago
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GEMS International School Celebrates India's Rich Heritage


The last week at Gems International School, Gurgaon was marked by celebrations of our rich cultural heritage, the boundless legacy of our diverse, vibrant nation. Working collaboratively on inquiries into various monuments, remains from past civilizations, dynasties and erstwhile centers of art, culture, and learning, students enjoyed some Virtual tours and detailed inquiry-based discussions. The celebrations were to commemorate the World Heritage Day, observed on 18th April every year. 

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As creative thinkers, keen observers and ambassadors of change, children participated with enthusiasm and zeal and expressed themselves through various modes including posters, collages, wordles and presentations. Their ideas found expression through a choice of apps like Canva, Prezi, Powtoon,, Adobe Spark and the like.

After all, PowerPoint presentations are already a thing of the past for the young tech-smart learners. From ‘Ajanta Caves’, ‘Konark Temple’, ‘Great living Chola Temples’ to ‘an exploration of Hampi’ Itihass helped the students appreciate the intricacy of design and architectural aspects. They also admired the beautiful artistic representations and intricate carvings. The admiration also helped them understand the importance of preservation and archaeology. Many students undertook a deep-dive study into the vulnerability of various monuments and the challenges faced by authorities. Children learned to protect, promote and preserve our rich cultural heritage. The experience motivated the curious young thinkers to preserve and conserve the richness and splendor of Indian cultural heritage, a precious gift shared with us by our ancestors. 

“Monuments and heritage sites are the rich essence of diversity and reflection of our culture”

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