Experts Suggest Guidelines For Preschools And Day Cares Post Lockdown

~Harshika Agrawal
3 months ago
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Source Hindustan Times

Parents are fearful of sending their kids to schools and day care centers post lockdown. The Early Childhood Association (ECA) and the Association for Primary Education and Research (APER) have come up with a set of guidelines for preschools and day care centres. A 54-page long document has been released listing precautions to be maintained regarding teachers and other staff along with parents before sending their children to schools and day care centres. The schools shall open at staggered times for classes being reopened first for older kids following the same for younger kids. Teachers shall also be insisted to complete the syllabus in view of unforeseen circumstances.

Students travelling through school bus should be checked through thermal checks and those found sick could be segregated without stigma. For centres that serve meals, the guidelines recommend serving them in classrooms instead of a common dining area. Preschools should not issue books from the library to avoid any risk. Toys should not be shared amongst students and need to be frequently disinfected.

Teachers and support staff in these centres have to be trained for the precautions to be taken post classes resume. Parents have also been asked not to put too much academic stress on students and to ensure that they maintain communication with the centres about their travel and other details from time to time


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