Does hanging from a pull-up bar help in increasing height?

Mayank Jain
a month ago
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Source: Times of India

Good height has always been seen as an identification of a healthy child. Therefore, parents are mostly bothered about their kids' height. Regardless, kids' height depends on the genes, still, nutritional diet and physical exercises also can play a significant role.  Hence, hanging from pull-up bars are considered as the perfect exercise for increasing height along with helping in maintaining a good posture. 

But how it should be used?

If your kid is a beginner in hanging from a pull-up bar, then, ensure that you are there with them for supervision and support. Firstly, let them focus on the grip. Instruct them or maybe you can demonstrate them. The holding time can be increased from 4-5 seconds initially to 10-15 seconds gradually.

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Further, ensure that the pull-up bar is not too high from the ground as kids might hurt themselves while leaving the bar. Moreover, include some other yoga asanas and stretches as well in your kid's daily schedule to get entire benefits.

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