Delhi Nursery Admissions: Important Points to Remember

Mayank Jain
20 days ago
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Source: NDTV

The Delhi Nursery Admissions are all set to commence on February 18. Now, we know that you are already caught up with all the important information, but it is always better to have a revision done. So, here are some important points that you ought to know regarding the Delhi Nursery Admissions 2021-22.

  • The admissions forms will be available for purchase until March 4, along with a form fee of Rs. 25.
  • The private schools have been asked by the Delhi government to “develop and adopt fair, reasonable, well defined, equitable, non-discriminatory, unambiguous and transparent” criteria for admission.
  • The private schools will upload their admission criteria for open seats at for public viewing by February 17.
  • The age limit for admission in class Nursery is 3-4 years, that of the class KG is 4-5 and that of class I is 5-6 years.
  • The process of applying to schools for admission will come to a closure on March 4.

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