Delhi Nursery Admissions: Distance between home and school an important factor

Mayank Jain
21 days ago
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Source: Hindustan Live 

As per the announcements made by the Directorate of Education, the Delhi Nursery Admissions for the 2021-22 academic year are all set to begin from February 18. The admission procedure will come to a closure on March 4th. And post that, on April 1st schools will reopen.

Once you apply for your child’s admission to a school, you have to wait for the list of selected students to be revealed to find out whether your child got admitted there. But what if you were already sure that your kid will surely get admitted to the school that you have applied to? According to a set of guidelines released by the Delhi government in 2017, distance travelled by a student to reach school is an important criterion of securing admissions. As per these guidelines, students living in the neighbouring area of the school, have a higher chance of securing admissions. Thus, if you live close to the school, your child is at a high chance of getting admitted.

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