Delhi may scrap nursery admissions for 2021-22

Mayank Jain
a month ago
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Delhi may scrap nursery admissions

Source: Indian Express

The Delhi government is deciding to scrap the nursey Admission on for the 2021-22 batch. The sources said that senior government officers have planned the choices for it and currently they're going to present it to private schools. Relating to the setup, schools can admit two batches in 2022-23 instead of 1 batch.

Meanwhile, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia told that there was little chance of schools reopening before July. “Even if we start vaccinating people by February, we will be able to vaccinate a sizeable chunk only by July. There is no possibility of reopening schools before that. We also have to look at how examinations will be conducted without putting teachers and students at risk,” he said.

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In Delhi, nursery admission could be an extremely regulated method. The rules and methods are usually started by November. This year, however, schools said that no guidelines have been mentioned up to now.

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