The Definition Of Global Learning

Tanmay Tandon
2 months ago
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The Definition Of Global Learning



Now over a decade into the 21st century, there is marvelous pressure for education to ‘globalize'. What this means exactly isn’t universally agreed upon. In major world markets, the business world globalized decades ago, expanding beyond domestic markets in chase of more varied audiences and stronger profits.

While major players in business continue to research and find their way in markets whose philosophy and buying practices diverge from those domestic, the ‘field’ of education has been slow to follow suit.


This is made all the stranger by the relationship between education and economic systems. If one goal of education is to prepare a ‘workforce', the more parallel the system of education is with the workforce, the less ‘waste’ there might be. While industrialism, commercialism, religion, and technology all reach out across political and geographical borders, education lags awkwardly behind.


The most startling reality here might be the quaking power of association: stakeholders in education everywhere struggle for change—meaningful, sustained movement in a new direction–yet within education overall, there is relatively little progress compared to tangent fields, including science, technology, entertainment, and business.


Unicosmos is a great example of a school that fosters a global learning environment where nurturing of global citizens is planned and implemented in a holistic approach.


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