Creating Safe Online Environment for Children

Pratham Suwal
a month ago
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Creating Safe Online Environment for Children

Source: The Indian Express


In the last year and a half, the internet has enabled children to continue with their education, removing the barriers of time and geography. As parents encourage children to explore the great knowledge resource available online, the parents should be cognizant of the threats that come along with the all-pervasive nature of these online mediums.


The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the chances for children to face violence — whether online or offline. Acknowledging the significant efforts being made to end violence against children, different stakeholders must come together, to increase awareness, change behaviors and perceptions around how, when, and where violence against children occurs.


The pandemic has spurred the adoption of digital platforms. Being online gives young people so many choices. It gives them skills such as self-control and resilience that can help them make decisions that will lead to positive outcomes both online and offline. 


Protecting children online is important and parents should take this responsibility seriously. This is critical as it will promote a better understanding of the violence and the most effective ways to ensure child safety both online and offline.


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