Covid-19 third wave to affect children in India

Mayank Jain
a month ago
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Covid-19 third wave to affect children in India

Source: Zee News

While India is reeling under a deadly second Covid-19 wave, Principal Scientific Adviser to the government K Vijay Raghavan has said on Wednesday that the third wave of the virus is inevitable.

“Phase three is inevitable given the higher levels of circulating virus, but it is not clear on what time-scale this phase three will occur. We should be prepared for new waves,” he said.

Experts believe that the third wave of the Covid-19 virus in India can affect children adversely.

The Supreme Court said on Thursday emphasizing the need to prepare for the same including vaccinating people of age groups with young children.

According to experts, the first wave of the virus attacked the elderly, in the second wave more youth are affected and the third wave can be dangerous for children.

This age group is also more exposed to the virus as we do not have an approved vaccine to administer them yet in India.

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