How do I know if my child needs counseling?

Trupti Bagde
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How do I know if my child needs counseling?


As parents, you have to play a critical role in ensuring the good emotional health of your child. Be a GOOD OBSERVER of your child’s behavior in different settings - home/school/socially. Understand your child’s ‘normal behavior’ in all these settings. 


Typically COUNSELLING is required when there is a change in this 'normal behavior' of your child. Children often display some SIGNS over a period of time that indicate such changes. These signs can be BEHAVIORAL OR ACADEMIC: 


1. BEHAVIOURAL SIGNS (During online class & socially)


  • Understanding the concepts
  • Is there a ‘sitting tolerance’ - i.e. how long is the child able to sit during the class 
  • What is the expression on their face - anxious, sad, irritable 
  • Has the child suddenly stopped participating in group activities or answering questions
  • Has chatting with friends reduced or stopped
  • He/she is not playing around much & is getting bored easily
  • Not interacting with parents in a positive manner


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  • What is the ‘attention & concentration span’ while learning
  • Is the child able to copy properly from the screen/board
  • Has the ‘Speed of writing’ changed
  • Are there frequent spelling errors
  • Is the pronunciation of words clear while reading? Any jumbling while writing or reverse writing? For example, writing 6 instead of 9


If any of the above signs persist for more than 4 - 6 weeks; you should immediately seek guidance from a child counselor. Timely action matters!


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