CBSE To Be Ready With Rationalised Curriculum Within A Month

a month ago
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Source: The Indian Express

The Central Board of Secondary Education is working on rationalizing the curriculum for students to curb the loss witnessed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reduced syllabus will be prepared soon, told by Manish Ahuja, Chairperson of the board.

“We cannot bring sudden changes in the education system and create confusion and uncertainty. The curriculum reforms are going to be in sync with the learning outcomes,” he said during a virtual conference on ‘Future of Schools: Overcoming COVID-19 challenge and beyond’ organized by Ashoka University.

“If something is duplicated in some way or working extra on the same concept, we aim to shelve it, and thirdly anything which can be done in a more practical manner should be done that way. That’s what we are planning and we should be able to finalize within a month’s time,” he said.