CBSE, Microsoft to Train Teachers in Hybrid Learning

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Pratham Suwal
a year ago
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CBSE, Microsoft to Train Teachers in Hybrid Learning

Source: NDTV Education

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) On October 26 said it has partnered with Microsoft and Tech Avant-Garde to train teachers in hybrid learning.


State governments have decided to reopen schools for physical classes and schools are prepared to welcome students back to classrooms but many parents are reluctant to send their children to schools and prefer online education till the Covid-19 situation improves, the CBSE said.


The board said it aims to educate schools on how to manage these uncertain times.


“Pandemic has been raging on for over a year now and our education system has been under tremendous stress. Most of the schools have been under lockdown for long periods and are struggling to continue with the teaching-learning transaction,” the CBSE said.


Two teachers from each affiliated school can join the training programme, which will be conducted for five days.


There is no registration fee and teachers of any subject at a CBSE-affiliated school can participate.


“The teachers attending this program should have basic knowledge of technology. Once the teachers complete this training program successfully, they will be certified. Specialists on “Hybrid Learning” shall be available who could be consulted in the future,” an official statement said.


The programme will begin on November 15. “This program will be conducted online, over the period of five days, the duration of the webinar will be of one hour thirty minutes each day,” the board said.


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