The Career Talks Series- Mount Olympus School

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The Career Talks Series- Mount Olympus School


With the advancement of the world, the horizons to study abroad have stemmed for the students in numerous directions. The students have a plethora of opportunities to move abroad to continue further education. Without the right career guidance and lots of information available online, the students baffle in choosing the right direction for themselves. In this case, the talks, guidance, counseling, and information from the experienced and knowledgeable personalities become an important part for students.


Mount Olympus School and its uniqueness 

 Mount Olympus School

A series of  'Career Talks' are organized by Mount Olympus School-one of the finest schools in Gurgaon-to ensure access to authentic information to the students and assist them in making informed decisions. Mount Olympus School is the best school in Gurgaon which is dedicated to the moral, spiritual, and ethical development of children. It aims to create the leaders of tomorrow by being an institution that empowers every child with a strong foundation of knowledge and life skills and provides high-quality education.  

 advanced academics

Mount Olympus School is among the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon, committed to encouraging the unique abilities of every individual and transforming them into strengths. The school is embedded with the holistic approach with concomitant comprehensive guidance and leadership courses. Further, the institution aims to build socially conscious and responsible individuals who would like to serve society. Mount Olympus School is one of the leading schools with a daycare facility in Gurgaon. 


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The Career Talk Series 

 Career talk

Proper career talks are pivotal to help the students in exploring themselves, to find what their core interest areas are, and empower them to distinguish between their strengths and weaknesses. Such talks also help them in learning their personalities and explore multi career options before choosing the career path. 


Mount Olympus School, Gurgaon planned a series of career talks to empower its students to make informed decisions. 




The first live talk was with Mr. Prithivi Sharma on ‘Demystifying Foreign Education’. 

Mr. Sharma obtained his education from different countries including India, Germany, England, and the Netherlands. He has great knowledge about foreign education, hence he talked about the major aspects to consider before applying to universities in foreign countries. He also answered the questions asked by fraternity, children and parents. 

Some of the prominent questions that were answered by Mr Sharma in the talk are: 


1.     What is the education structure and pattern followed abroad up to grades 10th and 12th? 

2.     Why should one think about studying abroad? What are the opportunities that open up after we study abroad? 

3.     What is the difference between the US education system and the UK education system? 

4.     Which countries are a good target to study? What are the criteria and requirements for the same?  

5.     Should one choose the course first then the country or vice-versa?

6.     What is the right time to think about applying to universities abroad?

7.     How does financial aid work in the admission process? 

8.     Is it necessary to take the SAT, TOFEL, GRE examinations? 


Mr Prithivi suggested that English-speaking countries like the USA, The UK and Canada are a good target for Indians to pursue their further education due to the reason that most Indians are good at English. In addition, he suggested that liberal arts programs in the US can immensely help young students-who want to pursue arts-to discover themselves. He also stated the benefits of studying abroad which included that studying abroad will provide you with a broad spectrum of subjects. Socially, you will be able to make friends from worldwide and will have connections as well. This can help you for a lifetime. “The world is your oyster, you will discover yourself”, he said. 


Towards the end of the session, he told the audience the importance of balancing the grades and extra co-curricular activities which will benefit the students if they choose to study abroad. 




The second live session was talked about by Mr Samir Srivastava on “Must have skills on Resume”. Mr Srivastav is head of learning and development at Stride Ahead. He answered questions that were asked by the live audience. The major question answered by him are: 


1.     What is a resume? When should one create it? What should be the content? 

2.     What are the must-have skills that the students should have on the resume? 

3.     What is the difference between life skills and soft skills? 

4.     What should the students focus on? Qualifications or skill-building? 

5.     What is the difference between educated and qualified?

6.     How to add the achievements to the resume? 

7.     How long should a resume be?

8.     What should be the sequence of the entities in the resume? 


Besides answering the questions, Mr. Srivastav also talked about the problems that people are facing with understanding and recognizing their strengths and putting them in the right manner on the resume. “Highlight the achievements you want to showcase” and “starting early is an advantage” were the two key sentences said by Dr. Neeti C. Kaoshik, the principal of Mount Olympus School, and Ms. Suti Lal respectively. 



Artificial Intelligence

The third live session which was the most recent one, focused on Artificial Intelligence, it was briefed and talked about by Mr. Kartik Sharma, an emerging technology evangelist. He is a Co-Founder of DecodeAI which is a DIY Artificial Intelligence learning platform. He is also a member of All-Party Parliamentary Group of Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI), United Kingdom. Mr. Sharma has written books on AI for the class 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th which have been praised by Sh. Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog, Government of India. The achievements of Mr Kartik Sharma are unending. Indeed, he is a tour de force. 


The Mount Olympus School believes in starting early with effective career guidance as a priority and so is organizing a career fest in January 2022. The various universities and schools will be participating and students will have an opportunity to choose their career option. 

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